La credenza metafisica nel potere rappresentativo della firma

The actual legal discourse transform signatures from a metaphysical (universally truthful) representation of the writer’s “self” to a discursive (relatively truthful) representation of the writer’s “style”. Finally, this shift in legitimation explains why contemporary legislation rely more on forensic document examination, which is trying to compare the graphical “style” of written documents, rather than on graphology, which is trying to reveal the essential inner qualities of the writer’s “self”. The signature became a “stylish trace” that is supposed to be shaped more by discursive strategy of author’s self-construction than by metaphysics of author’s authentic self.

Ciesielka J., Kopytowska M., Miller-Klejsa A., & Galkowski A. (2015). INTERNATIONAL SEMIOTIC CONFERENCE, p. 31

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