Il declino (?) della scrittura

8 Novembre 2015
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Sull’abbandono della scrittura

E. A. Enstrom nel suo The Decline of Handwriting denuncia l’ormai prossimo declino della scrittura a mano, che da tempo non viene più insegnata come si dovrebbe e che è destinata ad essere rimpiazzata da altri strumenti.
In many parts of  this country, handwriting  has  hit  an  all-time low […] poor handwriting creates a host of  difficulties. […]
Children are being robbed and cheated of  essentials such as learning tools  that make academic progress possible.
Reading  and writing by hand will, in the foreseeable future,  remain  basic  tools for  gathering,  organizing,  recording,  and  conveying information in  all areas. There  is no excuse for not teaching these and other basic tools of  learning in the best possible manner.
Teachers  and  administrators should be aware of  the value  of  handwriting in study at all levels. Writing by hand is  a  powerful reinforcement to retention in all areas of  learning. Handwriting  makes  possible  the  all-important creative  writing,  which  is  creative thinking  on  paper.


Considerazioni vivissime nel dibattito odierno: l‘articolo da cui sono tratte, però, è del 1965.

Veramente la scrittura morirà mai?


Enstrom, E. A.. (1965). The Decline of Handwriting. The Elementary School Journal, 66(1), 22–27. Retrieved from

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