Felix Klein e il ritmo della scrittura

Diceva rythm cannot be seen, it must be felt, per questo Felix Klein (1911-1994) inventa un sistema per aiutare a vedere i “writing impulses” che compongono il ritmo di una scrittura.

Il ritmo della scrittura in grafologia è da sempre ciò che affascina gli studiosi e li spinge a cercare metodi di apprezzamento


You will need a thin sheet of paper […] which should be placed over the sample of the handwriting. Then, with a felt tip pen you should connect each beginning writing impulse with its end in a straight line. After you have done this for the whole sample, remove the transparent paper and look at the line pattern which appears on it. This pattern can be harmounious to various degrees. In order to see fairly extreme patterns, look at illustration 12. Te upper one marked A is the handwriting of a 28 year old man and the pattern of his handwriting is strongly inharmonious. The lower sample, marked B is that of a 50 year old woman, and the pattern is very harmonious. By looking at the two patterns you will get an idea of what to look for to determine the harmony for the writing impulses.

Una tra le tante cose contenute in questa miniera online https://www.lbi.org/. Felix Klein Collection; AR 25356; Leo Baeck Institute.


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